Science article features Geri Richmond's efforts to remove career barriers

UO Presidential Chair Geri Richmond is front and center in a feature article in the journal Science about efforts to break down obstacles facing women and minorities when they pursue scientific careers.

“They [women] were publishing, they were getting grants, they were keeping their research groups going, but they were hitting this polycarbonate ceiling," said Richmond, who is president of the American Association for the Advancement that publishes the journal. "They weren't getting the invited talks. They weren't getting the distinguished lectureships. They weren't getting the offers from other universities that you would see the men get, yet they were equally capable.”

The comment refers to one of the reasons why she founded COACh, which has grown to be an international organization, said Richmond, who also is a professor of chemistry at the UO.

The article centers on AAAS projects that offer early-career support for women, minorities, and persons with disabilities -- as well as independent efforts such as those led by Richmond, who was named a U.S. science envoy by the State Department in December.

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