Scott Coltrane discusses paternity research in NPR story

Interim President Scott Coltrane
Interim President Scott Coltrane

UO interim President Scott Coltrane was featured in a National Public Radio story Aug. 13 that discussed his research on paternity leave in the United States.

Coltrane’s research shows more young men want paid paternity leave, yet only 10 to 15 percent of employers offer such benefits. He also has found  that almost all of those employers are  in white-collar fields.

His research compares the United States to countries such as Norway and Sweden, where 8 in 10 men request paid paternity leave. That number is much lower in the United States.

Coltrane believes paid paternity leave is better for men, women and children and that more significant steps need to be taken toward paid leave for both parents. According to the article, the United States is the only developed nation in the world that does not offer paid leave for men or women when they become parents.

—By Nathaniel Brown, Public Affairs Communications intern