Sheine talks about cross-laminated timber in The Guardian

A structural wood product that figures in a joint project involving the UO could help remake city skylines, architecture professor Judith Sheine recently told the British newsite The Guardian.

Sheine was interviewed about the benefits of cross-laminate timber, a product being explored at the National Center for Advanced Wood Products. The center is a joint project between the UO and Oregon State University.

Known as mass timber systems, the products will be used in two current building projects, in Portland and New York City, making wood an alternative to concrete and steel in some mid- to high-rise buildings. Sheine, who is head of the architecture department in the UO School of Architecture and Allied Arts, is closely involved in the national center and the work creating next-generation building products that can be made in Oregon.

For the full story, see “Urban Jungle: Wooden High-Rises Change City Skylines as Builders Ditch Concrete” in The Guardian.