Site of new classroom and faculty office building narrowed to 3

The site-selection process for a new 60,000-square-foot classroom and faculty office building will focus on three options, following confirmation of the sites by the Campus Planning Committee at its Aug. 7 meeting.

The three remaining sites were the subject of discussion at an open house later in the day.

Sites now under consideration are:

  • MacArthur Court
  • The Collier House
  • A portion of the parking lot near Prince Lucian Campbell Hall

“We will now begin an in-depth analysis of these sites that we will share with the campus and community during fall term,” said Eleni Tsivitzi, planning associate in Campus Planning and Facilities Management. “This facility will provide desperately needed classrooms and office space for many years to come and we want to make sure we select the best possible site.”

MacArthur Court will be examined for potential repurposing or building new. Meanwhile, with the Collier House, planners will begin examining sites for relocation, should it prove to be the ideal site.

During the committee’s discussion of potential sites, students and faculty discussed the need for the building to be close to the academic core. Additionally, in the event that the Collier House site is selected as the preferred site, the group discussed relocation and how careful consideration should be given to the replacement of displaced uses that are currently accommodated within the Collier House.

Complete details on the siting of the new building and the process for potential relocation of Collier House are available on the Campus Planning and Facilities Management website.

A second open house in the site-selection process for the classroom and faculty office building, as well as for possible Collier House relocation, if necessary, will take place in September. A final recommendation is expected from the Campus Planning Committee on Oct. 19.

“We had a productive and well-attended Campus Planning Committee meeting and open house,” said Tsivitzi. “The enthusiasm for the project is tremendous, as is the desire to engage in the process by the campus and community.”