Spring break outages needed for critical maintenance work

Power outage graphic

UO Campus Planning and Facilities Management is preparing for an upcoming utility maintenance and testing project, which will entail short, staggered power outages in most buildings on the UO campus during spring break.

The project will take place on the mornings of Monday, March 23, and Tuesday, March 24.

The work involves necessary maintenance on several electrical feeder breakers that each power numerous buildings on campus. The project is critical for the continued safe operation of the campus electrical system.

The department will be testing the university’s ability to self-power with the UO’s Central Power Station to ensure that equipment and systems perform as designed. This is needed and overdue resiliency preparation for a potential situation where the primary power source for campus is temporarily lost.

Understanding that this necessary utility work would affect many on campus, planners worked closely with senior campus leaders and facilities liaisons to find dates and times that would minimize disruptions as much as possible.

REMINDER: This maintenance project calls for staggered, 15-minute outages that will affect one feeder – and the buildings it powers – at a time on the morning of Monday, March 23. On Tuesday, March 24, all power to campus will be shut off for under five minutes. Click here for a complete schedule and list of buildings affected both days.