Hao Tan, Stamps Scholar

Stamps Scholar Hao Tan

Hao Tan of Sherwood, Ore., is one of 5,000 new students arriving on campus this fall. He's also one of four Stamps Leadership Scholars, and a student in the Robert D. Clark Honors College. His is the first in a series of profiles we'll feature on Around the O this fall. 

HIGH SCHOOL AND HOMETOWN: Sherwood High School, Sherwood, Oregon

MY BIGGEST ACADEMIC ACCOMPLISHMENT SO FAR: Being named a National Merit Finalist

MY ACADEMIC INTERESTS INCLUDE: Math, Chemistry, Biology, and Social Studies.

WHAT I LIKE TO DO FOR FUN: Netflix marathons and swimming

PEOPLE MIGHT BE SURPRISED TO KNOW: That I was actually born in China and I’m a boss at using chopsticks.


THE ONE THING I’M MOST EXCITED ABOUT:  The freedom of college life.

I CHOSE OREGON BECAUSE: It’s a safe and chill place to study. I’m familiar with campus and I enjoy the local culture. UO’s a good fit for me.

SCHOLARSHIPS I'VE RECEIVED INCLUDE: Stamps Leadership Scholarship, Intel Scholarship for Employees’ Children;  University of Oregon’s National Merit Finalist award

WHEN I THINK OF OREGON: I think of football — shout out to Jordan Kurahara, No. 98, Sherwood High School graduate.

THE ONE KEY PIECE OF RAIN GEAR I MUST BRING TO CAMPUS: None, real Oregonians don't use rain gear. Getting soaked daily builds character.

THE THING ABOUT COLLEGE I'M MOST LOOKING FORWARD TO IS: Meeting new people and exploring what the university has to offer.

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