Supervisors encouraged to continue providing performance feedback

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Performance reviews may be challenging this year, given all the factors that have disrupted day to day work for many people. However, HR encourages supervisors to continue to engage employees in performance management discussions about expectations, accomplishments, needed improvements and areas for future growth.

“Successful performance management is a continuous conversation about what is going well and where adjustments should be made so the employee in their position can reach their full potential and most effectively contribute to the unit’s goals and the institution’s success,” wrote Mark Schmelz, chief humans resource officer, in a message to campus.

Employees and supervisors are encouraged to examine how the pandemic and changes to campus operations have caused areas of disruption, shifts in job function, or work arrangement and to identify potential adjustments as they continue to navigate this unprecedented time.

Employees can use performance assessment tools from HR to reflect on their previous goals, conduct a self-assessment and build a collaborative relationship with their supervisor.

Supervisors are advised to set clear expectations, prioritize communication, and encourage a work-life balance, among other strategies to promote employee engagement. Current circumstances present an opportunity to reinforce this framework and engage employees in a conversation about what is going well and what could be better.

HR offers a guide to assist supervisors with assessing performance during periods of disruption like UO is currently contending with in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. While annual performance reviews are an important milestone in the performance management cycle, they should reflect and document the continuous feedback process over time rather than a look at just the most recent work employees are doing.

In order to navigate financial uncertainty, the university has taken action such as implementing  hiring and pay freezes. Also, there will be no annual merit increases for faculty and officers of administration this year. Other pay increases as required by contracts and CBAs remain in effect and will continue. The importance of reflecting on employee performance, however, has not changed. Performance conversations in this moment can occur regardless of compensation discussions. More resources for successful performance management can be found on the HR website.