"Suzy Sticks" and other lunchtime fun from Office of Registrar

"Suzy Sticks" was the lunchtime game du jour at the registrar's office (photos by Sue Eveland)

If you happened by Oregon Hall during the noon hour on Wednesday, you would have caught some of the staff from the Office of the Registrar playing "Suzy Sticks" on the front lawn.

The game involves Frisbees, tall sticks and plastic cups. Teams earn points for throwing the Frisbee from across the lawn in-between the sticks and for knocking the cups off the sticks. Opposing teams earn points for catching a knocked-off cup in mid-air.
Each July, the registrar's office schedules something fun for each Wednesday over the noon hour.  Past years' adventures have included croquet on the Humpy Lumpy Lawn, bocce ball on the Oregon Hall lawn, volleyball by Carson Hall and an occasional BBQ.

This year, the registrar's office will celebrate the National Day of the Cowboy on July 24. If you see horses on the south lawn by Oregon Hall, you’ll know why (they're just kidding about the horses).

- from the UO Office of the Registrar