Tips to help employees get settled back to working on campus

Fall campus scene

Employees easing back into work life on the University of Oregon campus may be wondering, “How do I…” or “What happened to the…” when they realize the daily tasks they automatically did pre-pandemic look a little different.

For those trying to get back into the campus rhythm, the following tips will help dust off the cobwebs.

Staff members who took office furniture home or worked from their recliner may need to have their desk adjusted when returning to their building. The UO offers free onsite and remote ergonomic assessments as well as a web-based training and self-assessment program. This can be especially helpful for new hires. Fill out a request form on the Ergonomics webpage. 

Employees with computer or software questions can start on the faculty/staff help webpage of the UO Service Portal or contact the IT staff who support their department. In-person trainings in classroom technology also are available.

After being away for 18 months, staff may find outdated files in their storage cabinets and computers and should refer to the University Records Management website on what to keep or toss.

To restock office supplies, peruse the selections from Purchasing and Contracting Services, which includes Duck Depot and UO Amazon for Business. The Duck Depot website has a new user experience as part of its expansion. The classic look will be discontinued Friday, Nov. 12.

The purchasing website has tutorials on how to use the services. Science Stores offers COVID-19 safety supplies and signs.

With sustainability in mind, faculty and staff can donate excess office supplies or pick from a rotating selection of gently used desk accessories by visiting the Reuse Office Supplies Exchange, known as the Rose Room, in Prince Lucien Campbell Hall. Get a key during office hours from Room 118. To request any recycling, garbage or event collection services call Campus Planning and Facilities Services Work Control at 541-346-2319. UO surplus property is available if offices need to donate or acquire larger items such as furniture.

Campus mail delivery is now once per day. Mail Services moved from Print Services to Finance and Administration Shared Services and is at 1295 Franklin Blvd. Employees can arrange mail or package pickup or drop off by contacting to set up a time.

Employees who have been to the Erb Memorial Union basement will notice Campus Copy is closed. It will soon be reconfigured with a different set of services in collaboration with the nearby computer lab. New features will include self-serve copiers, Amazon lockers, UPS and FedEx shipping and tech equipment check out. In the meantime, all printing is being done in the Baker Downtown Center.

Students seeking part-time jobs and research opportunities on campus can apply via Handshake, the UO’s student job website. Faculty and staff can find instructions on how to post their job or internship through the Career Center website.

Due to the current competitive hiring climate, some UO departments such as University Housing are offering referral and signing bonuses to make their positions stand out to students. Contact the University Career Center at 541-346-3235 or for assistance.

Duck ID card need replacing? In-office photos are currently not offered so images must be submitted through an online form. The ID card is a ticket for free entry to campus museums.

After a time of minimal commuting, staff can reacquaint themselves with campus transportation options. Parking passes are available by term for specific zones, including a new garage near the Riverfront Parkway. Profiles should be updated if a vehicle was bought or sold.

Many people bought bicycles during the pandemic as a way to be outdoors. They should be registered with the UO. Bike cages or lockers can also be rented for added security.

Domestic travel and certain international travel is now allowed by the Incident Management Team, and Concur Request is required for all UO business travel. If employees are traveling by car, a new process for driver certification allows the driver to self-certify. Employees can also educate themselves on how to use the motor pool.

University Scheduling and Event Services reserves and supports spaces within the EMU, Gerlinger Lounge, most campus outdoor spaces and many classrooms. Visit its website to browse spaces or request a reservation or information. And don’t forget the various way an event can be promoted for free.

The UO map has specialized layers including COVID-19 testing locations and sanitizing and cleaning stations. And the A-Z Index is a great resource for all things UO.

By Jennifer Archer, University Communications