Travel mugs are waiting for those on latest list of AtO winners

Travel mugs still up for grabs
Travel mugs still up for grabs

Here's some better-late-than-never Valentine's Day love for 10 careful readers of AroundtheO: the lucky numbers have been drawn for last week's scavenger hunt contest and stainless steel travel mugs are awaiting the winners.

The winners of the most recent contest are: Karen Jefferis of the provost's office, Anna Puhn of the College of Arts and Sciences, Deb Pack of the UO Police Department, Sho Ikeda of the College of Arts and Sciences, Carol Kleinheksel of the Oregon Humanities Program, Nanci Cook of Information Services, Conny Isaacs of Business Affairs, John Crosiar of Design and Editing Services, Brandy Collier of the American English Institute and Keisha Janney of the Office of Multicultural Academic Excellence.

Each winner submitted one or more correct answers in this week's daily contests to become eligible for the weekly drawing. The current list of winners includes a few who have won prizes in past AroundtheO drawings – proof that pays to keep playing.

More mugs will be given away in the next drawing, this Friday (Feb. 22).

The scavenger hunt contest, co-sponsored by The Duck Store, is part of a launch promotion for AroundtheO – the UO's new website for faculty and staff news. It is intended to remind you to make AroundtheO your homepage – and your go-to source for UO news and information.

The contest will continue through February, with several stainless steel AroundtheO travel mugs given away each Friday.

Five major prizes have been awarded in the contest, which began in November. Laura Lacasa of the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office, Charlotte Wise of the UO's Neuroinformatics Center and Joyce Nims of the College of Education have each won $100 gift cards to The Duck Store; and Amy Lake, who works in the UO Libraries warehouse, and Marge Wise of the UO's Early Childhood CARES program, each won iPads.

The AroundtheO scavenger hunt rewards careful reading – each daily question has its answer somewhere in the text of the five stories most recently posted to AroundtheO.

The questions are posted on the AroundtheO Twitter feed each morning. The feed (, can also be viewed in the right-hand column of the AroundtheO website.