Two-step login security is now available to all UO students

The University of Oregon is extending the protections of two-step login to students during winter and spring terms.

All students can now enroll in Duo, the UO's two-step login service, to secure their Duck ID accounts. Instructions are available in the UO Service Portal.

In spring term, all students will be required to use Duo to access protected UO services such as Canvas, Zoom, UOmail and Microsoft applications such as Word and Teams.

To encourage students to enroll in Duo during the voluntary period, Information Services is holding a prize drawing. Any student who opts in by March 12 will automatically be entered to win one of 82 prizes of $10 or $50 in Duck Bucks or gift cards to the Duck Store or Starbucks.

"Sign up for Duo this term to get the best possible experience," said Patrick Chinn, associate chief information officer for customer experience. "You can choose a convenient time, like the end of your day, and then Duo will take effect immediately."

Two-step login — also known as two-factor authentication, 2FA, two-step verification or multifactor authentication — is a common method of securing login processes. After entering a username and password, users must also verify their identity by tapping a button in a mobile app, entering a code or answering a telephone call.

"Duo empowers you to thwart the hackers," said Leo Howell, chief information security officer. "If a cybercriminal steals your password and tries to use your account, you can stop them by denying the Duo verification request."

The UO is using a simple system designed to allow people to quickly verify their identity with as little effect on their logins as possible. Duo has been required for all UO faculty members, staff and graduate employees since July 29, 2020.

Chinn said smartphones have been the most popular device option by far.

"Getting push notifications from the Duo Mobile app is quick and easy," Chinn said. "It's seamless and adds powerful protection to your account."

The Duo Mobile app can also generate passcodes, even without Wi-Fi or cellular service.

Alternatives to the app include text messages and phone calls, as well as hardware tokens available from Information Services.

In spring term, all students who haven't yet enrolled in Duo will be assigned a mandatory Duo enrollment deadline based on the last digit of their UO ID number, also known as their 95 number. By the end of spring term, all students will be required to use Duo.

FAQs and other information about Duo are available in the UO Service Portal.

Students seeking help with Duo are encouraged to contact the Technology Service Desk by live chat, by phone at 541-346-4357 or through the two-step login support page in the UO Service Portal.

More information about the two-step login project is available on the Information Services website.

—By Nancy Novitski, University Communications