Types of stories you'll find on Around the O

The following examples can help members of the UO community submit story ideas to Around the O and University Communications.

RESEARCH: Newly published papers, new research grants, new research techniques or instruments, construction or renovation of research facilities and organizational changes in the research community. Stories about new faculty members are typically handled at the school or college level rather than Around the O.

FACULTY/EMPLOYEE AWARDS AND HONORS: National- and international-level awards from professional associations, private or government granting agencies, national associations, higher education organizations and similar, high-profile awards. Also, top UO teaching and research awards and employee recognition awards. Stories on these subjects can range from short news items to full feature stories, depending on the type of award.

WORKPLACE NEWSEmployment-related news (including HR announcements, board of trustee actions, organizational changes, administrative programs, etc.), award nominations, program changes and reports, policy news, employee profiles, training programs, hiring committee announcements, campus engagement offerings, Information Services announcements, and similar items.

STUDENT LIFE: Activities and achievements of students and recent alumni, primarily for activities that take place outside the classroom.

EVENTS: Due to the large number of events taking place on campus at any given time, Around the O generally publishes stories about only larger events or those that make the greatest contribution to the university mission. The UO calendar is the go-to place for many campus events, rather than Around the O.

CAMPUS NEWSProminent speakers, campus diversity efforts, new initiatives, construction and renovation projects, major conferences or athletic events, new gifts, entertainment news, museum exhibits and similar stories of general interest to the campus community.