Undergraduate Leadership Program asks students to think globally

This summer the University of Oregon will host the Association of Pacific Rim Universities Undergraduate Leadership Program.

Facilitated by the Division of Global Engagement and Division of Undergraduate Education and Student Success, this year’s theme is “Fresh Approaches to a Gordian Knot: Student Leaders Untangle Pacific Rim Environment, Health and Inequality Challenges.”

The Undergraduate Leadership Program will bring together 53 undergraduate students from a variety of majors and 29 universities across the Pacific Rim to think about solutions to three global topics: environmental degradation, public health and social inequality. It will be the first time a university in the United States has hosted the program.

A team of interdisciplinary UO faculty members and graduate and undergraduate students will lead the program and serve as resources for the participants. Students also will work with a local community organization from each of the three topic areas to create actionable solutions in Lane County.

“The University of Oregon and the organizations we partner with are committed to addressing the social and environmental challenges facing our planet,” said Dennis Galvan, dean and vice provost for the Division of Global Engagement. “I’m thrilled that we can share our expertise and inspiration with this impressive group of undergraduate students from many of our partner universities around the Pacific Rim.”

The program will be on campus July 1-12.