United Academics members ratify agreement with UO

University of Oregon sign near campus entrance

Members of United Academics, the union representing faculty, voted to ratify the terms specified in the tentative agreement reached with the University of Oregon in late July related to a progressive pay reduction plan and career faculty FTE for academic year 2020-21.

The parties opened a limited bargaining process over the summer to address issues of critical importance to the university as it faces financial uncertainty while responding to the pandemic.

Now that the union has approved the progressive pay reduction plan and career FTE memorandum of understanding, the university will begin developing a plan to implement the new terms and communicate the changes to campus and impacted career faculty. The signed memorandum of understanding is available on the HR website.

The parties are also close to finalizing the tentative agreement reached related to career employment.  Once finalized, the university and United Academics will meet over fall term to discuss implementation. Changes to career employment will not take effect until June 2021.

The human resources website describes the terms of the agreements and provides answers to frequently asked questions.