University offers perks to help bolster dining work force

It is not uncommon for students to roll out of bed for their 9 a.m. class and realize they’re going to need a bite to eat and cup of coffee to get their day started.

And meal after meal, University Dining employees, including many student workers, are there to make sure that Ducks are properly fueled and ready to tackle their classes. And to make sure the university has enough people to keep the fuel coming, University Dining is offering worker hiring, referral and retention bonuses.

During October, applying to work for University Dining can lead to even more generous perks. Current University Housing employees can receive up to three $50 payments for referring friends to University Dining.

Additionally, new University Dining student staff qualify for a $50 bonus after joining the team, as long as they meet certain employment requirements. Finally, if a student joins University Dining on or before Nov. 1 and works through Dec. 4, they can receive a $200 retention bonus, as long as employment requirements are met.

Student workers play an important role in keeping Ducks fed, and they have multiple reasons for choosing jobs in the dining halls.

Working on campus is convenient; no need to travel around Eugene or Springfield for their shifts. Others appreciate the flexibility that comes with setting their work hours around their class schedules, and many are drawn by the discounted meals.

In DeNorval Unthank Jr. Hall’s PNW Public Market, student Annie Christofferson said that she knew a part-time job in University Dining was the right fit for her.

“When I was a sophomore, I wanted a job where I could meet people, so I thought dining services would be a good way to go, and I’m happy with that decision,” Christofferson said. “I’ve met a lot of students that way, and it keeps me pretty busy.”

Meeting people and connecting with them through her job, whether on her team or with the students she’s serving, is definitely a perk, but Christofferson pointed out another bonus.

“The discounted meals,” she said. “I like that, too!”

In the dining halls with her discount in hand, Christofferson knew exactly what her go-to meals were.

“I love the pastries,” she said. “Any of the pastries are the way to go if you have a sweet tooth. And I really like the açai bowls, but a new thing I really like is the hot chicken sandwich from Drake’s Deli.”

Students can apply to work in Dining Services by logging into their Handshake account.  

—By Sarah Bathke, Student Services and Enrollment Management