University Senate recognizes four with annual service awards

The University Senate recently presented four people with annual awards recognizing their contributions to improving and enhancing university values.

Presented at a special meeting June 7, the University Senate Awards honor individuals whose work exemplifies a commitment to service to the university, transparency and shared governance, leadership and service, and classified staff leadership. The awards highlight characteristics that enhance the experience of students, staff and faculty.

This year’s recipients are psychology professor Jennifer Freyd, former Register-Guard reporter Diane Dietz, College of Arts and Science communications director Lisa Raleigh and University Senate program assistant Kurt Willcox, who also is a member of the Board of Trustees of the University of Oregon.

A description of the awards and comments from the nominations follows:

Jennifer Freyd, Wayne T. Westling Award, given for outstanding and long-term leadership and service to the university and inspired leadership and commitment to the principles of shared governance, participatory decision-making and fostering a campus climate of inclusiveness and respect.

Nomination comments: “Professor Freyd is a committed and inspiring leader in working for inclusiveness and respect, making decision-making truly participatory, and helping preserve shared governance at the University.”

“Professor Freyd’s leadership and commitment to ‘fostering a campus climate of inclusiveness and respect’ is not limited to work on campus. She has helped make the University and its faculty a recognized leader nationally.”

Diane Dietz, UO Senate Award for Shared Governance, Transparency and Trust, awarded annually to the administrator or another member of the UO Community who has best exemplified the values of trust, transparency and shared governance during the year.

Nomination comments: “Diane worked for many years at the RG before retiring this spring. She covered the higher education beat, and specifically the University of Oregon during some interesting and pivotal years of the university’s history.”

“Just like most other institutions and government agencies, universities do much better when they have an outsider asking tough questions. She expected the university to act in accordance with its high ideals and do so without wasting the public’s money. She asked tough questions, and she wasn’t shy about following up with more questions, and of course with public records requests.”

Lisa Raleigh, Leadership and Service Award for Officers of Administration, given for exemplary service over a period of years inspired leadership and commitment to the principles of shared governance and participatory decision-making and fostering a campus climate of inclusiveness, respect and professional excellence.

Nomination comments: “Lisa chaired the Senate workgroup that performed a review and revision of the charge and membership profile of the OA Council. In this role, Lisa brought together a small group of OAs nominated to this Senate workgroup. She led the group in discussions that addressed, clarified, and resolved the issue of the status of the OA Council as an independent, elected, and representative council.”

“There was a quality and consistency to her presence, a calm and rational approach to issues, and deeply held convictions for equity and fairness. I cannot underestimate the extent of Lisa’s contributions. In four years of elected service, Lisa’s impact has been profound, effective, and influential. To say that we are a better place because of her is an understatement.”

Kurt Willcox, Classified Staff Leadership Award, given an individual who is a leader in one or more of these areas: personal and professional development, a respectful work environment or diversity.

Nomination comments: “A 45-year Duck who has served the UO as an instructor, staff member and member of the Board of Trustees, Kurt has shown leadership throughout his career here, and has consistently taken action to bring others from the margins into the center of what’s going on.”

“Not only has Kurt done fine work in every job he has held at the UO over many years, his work here goes beyond his paid employment. He has quietly made a deep and lasting contribution to building up the UO community, and has been an important catalyst for civic involvement within our community.”