A UO biologist hunts for helpful microbes in this spring's OQ

Karen Guillemin with student Lila Kaye

Biologist Karen Guillemin explores the microbial world to unlock secrets of human health in the spring Oregon Quarterly, available now.

As the Philip H. Knight Chair and a professor of biology, Guillemin heads a team that is breaking ground regarding the bacteria in our stomachs. Their discoveries could point the way to new therapeutics for inflammation and diseases such as diabetes.

On the lighter side, the new OQ invites readers to take a peek at the secret life of the University of Oregon Duck; alumni who have been the famous fowl share their tales as one of the most iconic mascots on the collegiate landscape. From skydiving to besting rivals — remember the Houston Cougar incident? — the Duck has truly done it all.

The issue features two faculty members in the geography department and their insightful and innovative work: Peter Walker, a professor whose examination of the Malheur occupation in southeastern Oregon shed light on a community’s resilience; and Nick Kohler, a senior instructor whose classroom, and subject matter, is literally as big as the great outdoors.

Jim Bartko, a longtime UO administrator who died March 16, is remembered for his heroic efforts to overcome the sexual abuse he suffered as a child and his resolve to help survivors who shared his past. Alumna Sharon Alitema, a 2019 architecture graduate, is recognized for bringing her education in design to bear in the construction of a hospital that now serves women in her native Uganda.

Closing out the issue, John Frohnmayer, a 1972 law alumnus and brother of the late UO President Dave Frohnmayer, makes connections between their days as golf caddies and timeless lessons on life.