UO celebrates National Hispanic Heritage Month

Along with the rest of the nation, the UO is taking time to embrace Hispanic culture and contributions this week as part of the nationwide Hispanic Heritage Month observance. A daylong campus celebration takes place this Sunday, Oct. 12, in and around Gerlinger Hall with soccer, music and dancing.

But the month is about more than festivities. It’s also a time to reflect on the many ways that Hispanic culture has broadened and enriched the American experience, as well as an opportunity to renew our commitment to inclusion and multiculturalism.

October 9

UO to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month on campus

The UO is holding the Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration on Oct. 12 in the Gerlinger complex from 10 a.m. throughout the evening
Yvette Alex-Assensoh
October 9

Commentary: Hispanic culture is part of the American character

The campus celebration is an opportunity to recognize the contributions of the Hispanic community to the university and the nation