UO community now has digital access to The New York Times

The University of Oregon Libraries has secured a shared digital subscription to The New York Times, giving all students, faculty members and staff full access to the online edition, as well as Times mobile apps for Apple and Android phones.

“Making this reputable news source conveniently available is an important part of the libraries’ emphasis on media and information literacy,” said Katy Lenn, head of research and instruction services. “NYTimes.com covers a variety of topics with quality and depth through breaking news articles, blogs, videos and interactive features. It provides a way for faculty and students to engage in current events with the additional benefit of a great historical archive.”

To help community members navigate through the account activation process, Lenn and Elizabeth Peterson, humanities librarian, have published a how-to guide on the library’s website. Users are taken through the steps of creating an account using their campus email address.

Getting started is easy, but the process varies slightly depending on whether log-ins are from on or off campus. Those who already have paid personal access to the Times digital edition will need to cancel the current subscription before activating an account under the UO Libraries' subscription.

All affected subscribers should already have received a notification email from the Times; alternately, see the FAQ in the library guide for cancellation instructions.

“Once you’re set up, you can log in directly to NYTimes.com and your access will be available from any location,” Lenn said. “You’ll be able to share content on social networks, save articles of interest, subscribe to email newsletters and set up personalized alerts.”

In addition to current issues, the service includes archival access to all articles published in the Times from 1851 to the present. Instructors also can use the free inEducation resource to help incorporate Times content into their curriculum.

Access to podcasts, videos, newsletters, and interactive media is covered. However, the UO’s subscription does not include e-reader editions, premium crosswords, Times Insider or crosswords apps. 

Authorization to access the UO Libraries’ subscription must be renewed annually, Lenn noted, but the Times will automatically send a reminder to users when that time comes.

“We’re excited to offer this resource to the UO community,” she said. “The breadth of coverage offered by the Times can provide a springboard for new creative ideas and research.”