UO employees may qualify for student loan forgiveness, relief or payment reduction

The University of Oregon is a qualifying employer for the federal public service loan forgiveness program. Employees may be eligible for student debt relief through the program administered by Federal Student Aid, an office of the U.S. Department of Education.

Certification and application instructions are detailed on the Public Service Loan Forgiveness website. Eligibility requirements include length of service with a qualified employer, number of qualified payments and types of loans. If an employee chooses to apply to this program, the Office of Human Resources will complete a section of the employment certification form to certify employment with the university.

Another program is offered through the Oregon Public University Retirement Plans, in partnership with retirement plan provider TIAA. Employees of Oregon public universities and their immediate family members can seek assistance through a service called Savi that helps them navigate programs to find relief from student debt.

Savi can help strengthen a person’s financial footing in the short-term and position them for student loan forgiveness by exploring payment reduction options and student debt relief programs. There are fees for some services, and the person electing a service assumes responsibility for any associated fees.

UO employees are invited to attend an upcoming webinar hosted by OPURP and TIAA. The information sessions will introduce the services available through Savi. Presenters will explain how the service works to reduce monthly loan payments and how to get started. They will also discuss eligibility and costs. 

The webinar is offered at noon on Aug. 25 and 31. The same presentation will be given at both sessions. Registration is required.

Visit the TIAA website to learn more about Savi and to get started by calculating estimated savings.