UO grad Liz Zarro plans a career helping people through product design

Liz Zarro, UO Class of 2015

UO graduate Liz Zarro went from dancing to design at the UO, and now hopes to use what she’s learned to make people’s lives better.

Zarro and the products she designed as a student are the subject of a story in The Oregonian newspaper, part of a series on the state’s graduates. Zarro, a Clark Honors College student, told the paper she wants to design things that “are more than just products.”

She already has done some of that as part of her UO courses. She designed a back support for wheelchair athletes and others that helps with core stability, allowing them more use of their hands for catching, passing and turning.

She also designed a shelving unit using biomimicry, a theory of design based on biological systems. Her design allows the shelves to be packed flat, reducing the energy and carbon emissions associated with shipping.

Zarro received her bachelor of fine arts in product design Monday, when she took part in graduation ceremonies on campus. To view the Oregonian story, see “University of Oregon graduate Liz Zarro creates ‘products that are more than just products.’”

Zarro also is featured in a series of graduate profiles in Around the O.