UO historian cited as part of Supreme Court ruling on marriage equality

Ellen Herman
Ellen Herman

Ellen Herman had a busy day when the Supreme Court ruled about marriage equality because she and colleagues had a hand to play in it.

As she explained to The Oregonian in a story following the landmark decision, Herman and 19 fellow historians filed a brief that was cited in the ruling that same-sex couples have the right to marry. The historians have also filed briefs in other cases on the topic of historical evolution of marriage and gender roles.

"I am just thrilled to have participated in this and think it is a profound and positive statement about the role of scholarship and universities — especially public ones like the University of Oregon — and the roles they can play in the most critical issues of our time," Herman said in an email.

Reporter Jeff Mapes stated, “Clearly, by looking at history, (Justice) Kennedy could build his argument that marriage remains so central and important to society in part because of the way it has changed over the centuries.”