UO-hosted youth programs must register with Risk Management

The University of Oregon typically hosts around 200 programs for youths each year, from sports camps to Summer Academies to Inspire Learning for biology, chemistry, world languages, orchestra, and more.

By university policy, all youth programs must be registered in advance with UO Risk Management, which also provides critical, cost-efficient accident insurance.

Youth program administrators should read the Office of Human Resources information on minors on campus, and then register their programs and secure insurance. Youth programs should be registered at least two weeks before their scheduled start dates. Registration includes a required summary report that shows proof of background checks, which can themselves take a couple of weeks.

"Unfortunately we've seen programs get into a terrible bind because they didn't register early enough, and allow time for background checks," UO Risk Manager Flo Hoskinson said. "We don't want to see programs put under stress, but the university and the minors who visit have to be protected."