UO implements changes to career faculty employment

The University of Oregon and United Academics have reached an agreement to finalize changes to the collective bargaining agreement that transitions career faculty from a contract-based system to an expectation of continuous employment with notice periods for layoffs.

The agreement is based on a previous memorandum of understanding that established principles for the new system. UA members approved the memorandum of understanding for the system in January, which includes provisions for notice periods, increased workload stability and an expedited arbitration process.

“Career faculty are an important part of our teaching mission and campus community. Moving to a system of an expectation of continued employment with defined notice periods and away from a system of contracts with fixed end dates strengthens career faculty employment at the University of Oregon,” said Mark Schmelz, chief human resources officer.

This new system applies to all represented career faculty members and goes into effect on June 16 for nine-month appointments and on July 1 for 12-month appointments. Effective immediately, all new offers of employment and renewal appointments issued prior to June 16 for represented career faculty will reflect the new system of ongoing employment.

The Office of Human Resources, the Office of the Provost and other stakeholders will be working closely with the University Senate to discuss similar approaches for non-represented career faculty policy modifications.

Visit the HR website to view the signed memorandums of understanding, frequently asked questions and newly published career faculty layoff guidance.