UO launches SAFE website

Students and staff are wearing teal T-shirts emblazoned with the website in an effort to create more awareness of available resources
Students and staff are wearing teal T-shirts emblazoned with the website in an effort to create more awareness of available resources

The University of Oregon has a new website that provides comprehensive information about reporting sexual violence and harassment, as well as support resources for students who have experienced sexual violence and harassment.

The website – safe.uoregon.edu – is part of a coordinated effort to ensure that students are aware of their options to get help and/or report incidents of sexual harassment, sexual assault, domestic/dating violence and stalking.

In addition to the website, the university also launched a new 24/7 confidential hotline – 541-346-SAFE – which works with the website to give students a variety of ways to learn their options.

To announce this new website and hotline for sexual violence prevention week, there are 500 students and staff wearing teal T-shirts, the nationally recognized color for sexual assault awareness, emblazoned with the website in an effort to create more awareness of the resources that are available. If students and staff can remember the word “SAFE,” the university believes it will help them access the hotline and the website.

“Our overarching goal is to ensure that all students who have been hurt receive the help and support they need, whether that be help through the university, the police or community agencies,” said Renae DeSautel, UO’s sexual violence response and support services coordinator. “We want students to have access to information in a confidential manner so that they can make the choice that is right for their situation.”

The university’s focus on this important national issue is designed to inform and educate students, faculty and staff about how they can help prevent sexual violence and harassment and promote bystander intervention.

In addition to the SAFE website and hotline, the Office of the Dean of Students prepared a comprehensive resource guide for the UO community to help students who have experienced sexual violence or harassment. This guide outlines support services that are available from the university, in the community and through law enforcement, and explains how to access each of these options.

These resources are part of an effort that demonstrates the university’s commitment to the safety, security, health and dignity of each member of our campus community.

For questions about the University of Oregon’s sexual violence and harassment prevention and support efforts, contact Sheryl Eyster, associate dean of students, at seyster@uoregon.edu. For more information about employees’ reporting responsibility and students’ reporting options when faculty or staff is involved please contact Penny Daugherty, director of the Office of Affirmative Action, at penny@uoregon.edu.

- by Melissa Foley, Office of Public Affairs Communications