UO to offer hands-only CPR classes for faculty and staff

UO to offer hands-only CPR training
Hands-Only CPR Training

Starting this month, the University of Oregon will offer training to faculty and staff on how to perform hands-only CPR. Although the class does not offer a certification, participants will gain skills that can make a difference. The first training is scheduled for Tuesday, Dec. 17, from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Forgoing the normal rescue breaths, hands-only CPR focuses on rapidly delivering high-quality chest compressions. The hourlong class will teach the basics of evaluating a victim and performing simple chest compressions.

Recent research published in the Journal of the American Medical Association concluded that nearly two-thirds of all collapsed victims received no care before emergency services arrived. For victims of sudden cardiac arrest, the chance of surviving without bystander intervention is only 5 percent. With intervention, the statistics improve dramatically.

Hands-only CPR has been shown to be more effective than full CPR and significantly more successful than no CPR. This has led the American Heart Association and American Red Cross to support this new technique in cases of sudden cardiac arrest – stating that with very minimal training any individual can perform the lifesaving technique.

To register for the class, visit: http://odt.uoregon.edu/registration/course_view.php?crse_id=463. For more information about this training, contact Krista Dillon at Kristam@uoregon.edu or 346-3588.

- from Emergency Management & Continuity