UO police launch new campus bicycle retrieval program

Bicycles on campus

The UO Police Department is launching a new program designed to assist those who left bikes on campus or nearby but are no longer in Eugene due to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic.

Dozens of bikes remain scattered around campus, while foot traffic on campus remains slow.

With the free service “Keep my Seat Warm,” UOPD is volunteering to retrieve bikes from locations on or near campus where they could be stolen or have parts stolen. Officers will be able to cut bike locks, if necessary.

“Our new normal is evolving every day,” said UOPD Chief Matt Carmichael. “We have to be proactive in protecting our students and their property.”

Interested students, faculty members or staff can sign up online. For the security of the community, UOPD can only help bike owners who provide proof of ownership, a detailed description of their bike and its location, and proof that they are a UO student, faculty member or staff. 

Retrieved bikes will be transported to a secure police facility. They will be stored until their owners can retrieve them or make arrangements to have them shipped. Bikes can be stored until Oct. 3.

Bike owners will be responsible for any costs associated with cutting bike locks or shipping their bikes home.

“I hope this program will complement the great work that university housing is currently doing to help students collect their belongings from campus,” Carmichael said. “Our students are handling so much right now, they shouldn’t have to worry about their stuff getting stolen too,” he added.