UO professor writes about Sanders, Trump and politics

Troy Campbell
Troy Campbell

Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump might have more in common than we realize, a UO professor writes in a new commentary article.

Writing for the website Politico, marketing professor Troy Campbell of the Lundquist College of Business explains that both candidates are succeeding by tapping into popular feelings of dissatisfaction and effectively legitimizing beliefs many held but did not speak out on. His article examines how both candidates are creating long-lasting changes in American political debate by acting as “enabling dissenters,” helping others embrace what were once less popular ideas.

“Even if Sanders and Trump fade away, they will leave this legacy behind,” Campbell writes. “Long after their wild hair no longer graces the front pages of newspapers, their equally wild ideas will flow through the news and in the hearts of the masses.”

For the full story, see “Yes, Trump and Sanders Are Actually Changing America” in Politico.