UO professor's thoughts on ISIS land in national conversation

Angela Joya
Angela Joya

Social conditions in Jordan are helping funnel young fighters into the radical Islamist group ISIS, according to an article written by UO professor Angela Joya and published nationally online.

Joya, an assistant professor in the UO’s Department of International Studies, is featured in the academic website The Conversation. The Conversation offers news and views from academics and the research community.

In her piece titled “Jordan and ISIS: Will the brutal murder of a fighter pilot change hearts and minds?” Joya argues that ISIS has struck recruitment gold in unemployed Jordanian youth, and unless the Jordanian government does something to address the high unemployment rate, ISIS’ power will only escalate in the region.

“In light of the complex nature of the challenges and social struggles faced by Jordanians, the recent outpouring of public support in the aftermath of pilot al-Kasabeh’s horrific death might represent a temporary phenomenon rather than a complete shift in public opinion against ISIS and in support of the Jordanian regime,” writes Joya in the story, published Feb. 19.

For the full article, see “Jordan and ISIS: will the brutal murder of a fighter pilot change hearts and minds?