UO researcher cooks up chemistry for kids

Postdoctoral researcher Erica Hartmann
Erica Hartmann

A career in science can turn ordinary things, like floors and furniture, into opportunities for world changing discoveries, and Erica Hartmann, a postdoctoral researcher at the UO’s Biology and the Built Environment Center, wouldn’t have it any other way.

Hartmann shares her passion for science in Celebrating Chemistry, a kid-friendly publication from the American Chemical Society. Inspired by “truly excellent mentors,” Hartmann’s career has taken her all over the world and her research has the potential to make an impact on the world.

“We can make important discoveries that keep people healthy and make the world a better place,” Hartmann said.

Hartmann’s interests go beyond the lab. She also shares that she’s an avid fencer and skier.

For the full story, find “The Adventures of Meg A. Mole, Future Chemist” on Page 8 in Celebrating Chemistry.

Erica Hartmann is an Oregon expert on STEM, microbiology and women in science. Learn more about UO experts on the Media Relations website.