UO researchers share expertise on COVID-19, April 26-30

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From the New York Times to the Washington Post, University of Oregon researchers have been at the forefront of media coverage around COVID-19 as journalists seek out experts on the national and world response, reaction and preparation for the virus.

Here are some of the stories featuring UO faculty members from the week of April 26-30:

From April 30:

‘No one knew we were homeless’: relief funds hope to reach students missing from virtual classrooms
The Guardian: The story mentions and links to research led by psychology professor Phil Fisher. 

From April 29:

Risk from the J&J vaccine was never as big as it seemed
CNN: UO psychology professor Paul Slovic provides expert commentary. 

Study finds US Twitter users have strongly supported face coverings amid the pandemic
Newswise: The release features research by Zhuo Jing-Schmidt, a professor and linguist in the UO's Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures.

From April 28:

Opinion: Figuring out tricky COVID-19 stats
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Ellen Peters, Director, Center for Science Communication Research, writes for The Conversation. The story also ran in today’s print edition of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. 

From April 27:

College biology course goes outside for pandemic learning
The World: Aaron Galloway, a professor at the Oregon Institute of Marine Biology, is featured.

Numbers can trip you up during the pandemic – here are 4 tips to help you figure out tricky stats
The Conversation: Ellen Peters, director, Center for Science Communication Research, writes for The Conversation. The story was picked up by the following outlets: The Associated Press, Houston Chronicle, Lee Enterprises newspaper chain.