UO researchers share expertise on COVID-19, Dec. 13-17

From the New York Times to the Washington Post, University of Oregon researchers have been at the forefront of media coverage around COVID-19 as journalists seek out experts on the national and world response, reaction and preparation for the virus.

Here are some of the stories featuring UO faculty members from the week of Dec. 13-17:

From Dec. 16:

'Psychic numbing': Why our compassion seems to wear thinner as the COVID-19 death toll grows
WBUR: UO psychologist Paul Slovic is featured. 

From Dec. 14:

In the wake of a global pandemic, loneliness has become a crisis of its own
KERA-TV (2,722 Twitter followers | 35,594 visitors per month): Cites research from the RAPID-EC project, under the direction of professor of psychology professor Phil Fisher at the University of Oregon.