UO researchers share expertise on COVID-19, Feb. 15-19

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From Feb. 19:

Northwest researchers find race disparities in COVID-19 vaccine trials
Oregon Public Broadcasting:
 UO international studies professor Kristin Yarris provides expert commentary. The story also ran on KLCC.

From Feb. 18:

From vaccines to masks, Fed’s prescription for the economy ventures far beyond interest rates
The Washington Post: UO economist Tim Duy provides expert commentary.                                    

As harvest season looms, agriculture and farmworker groups clash over Covid regulations
Salem Reporter: The story links back to an Around the O story on research by UO anthropologist Lynn Stephen. Also published in The Oregonian.

From Feb. 15:

The number of Oregon students getting some in-person schooling has doubled since December
The Oregonian: UO education professor Lillian Duran provides expert commentary.