UO revives the campus surplus office furniture program

Office furniture illustration

University of Oregon staff looking for new office furniture may be able to get what they need for free.

The university’s Office of Sustainability has revived the surplus office furniture program. Using a new online system, UO faculty and staff can browse the current inventory of desks, chairs, bookshelves and more, and then reserve items directly through the site.

All items are free to the UO community, for use in campus spaces.

“This program supports both the university and individuals by reducing waste and saving money,” said Steve Mital, director of the Office of Sustainability. “The university has many durable, used items. It just makes sense to make them searchable online to faculty, staff and departments. It saves time and money and keeps items out of the landfill.”

Members of the UO community must first reserve items online and then either stop by the surplus warehouse in the Romania building during open hours to review and pick items up or schedule a delivery through the CPFM Work Control office. Work control charges a modest fee to deliver items.

“I am very excited about the improvements to this program,” said Robyn Hathcock, program manager. “Not only have we made the experience better for campus stakeholders, we are able to employ and develop student leaders through our Sustainability Ambassadors who will be staffing the warehouse to assist patrons when picking up items.”

The surplus furniture program has a sister program for office supplies, the Reusable Office Supply Exchange, which is managed by the Campus Zero Waste Program and located in Prince Lucien Campbell Hall. Access to the exchange is by appointment only through the work control office while the English department remains closed to the public during the COVID-19 pandemic.

To access the browsing site and learn more about the surplus program, visit the program website. Send direct questions to uosurplus@uoregon.edu.