UO science and math program holds K-12 teacher workshops

Teachers from Eugene elementary, middle and high schools will be coming to campus Aug. 11-13 for a workshop led by faculty from the UO’s STEM CORE program.

The program recruits math- and science-related majors to pursue K-12 teaching through outreach projects with local students and teachers. It also works to enhance the science classroom experience of young students around the city.

STEM CORE ― Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Careers through Outreach, Research and Education ― is a consortium of UO and community college faculty, K-12 partners, outreach specialists and government and industry representatives. Its goal is to bring more students into STEM majors and careers.

STEM CORE is working with the Eugene School District and its Arts & Technology Academy middle school to provide a project-based workshop that will help teachers integrate science, technology, engineering and mathematics across their curriculums.

Participating teachers will be paired with graduate students majoring in chemistry, physics or the geologic sciences who will work closely with teachers during the school year to plan and lead lessons in  the students’ areas of research. Current research includes concepts such as water purification, protein structure and movement using computer modeling and iceberg formation and movement.

—By Nathaniel Brown, Public Affairs Communications intern