UO sees spike in donor, student interest following Rose Bowl win

After logging a million unique Facebook page views and 100,000 views of its new home page, the UO is bracing for a surge of interest from prospective students and potential donors in the wake of its record-setting football season.

The potential is outlined in a Monday, Jan. 5, story in The Oregonian. UO officials told the newspaper the heightened interest should translate into tangible benefits both in applications and gifts to the university’s recently launched $2 billion fundraising campaign.

Roger Thompson, the UO’s vice president for enrollment management, said a New Year’s Eve recruiting event in Santa Monica drew a packed house of more than 500 potential students and their parents. Michael Andreasen, UO vice president for advancement, also met with past and potential donors at a pep rally that drew 61,000 hits on Facebook.

Similar events will be held in Dallas during the run-up to the College Football Playoff championship game, which will be held Monday, Jan. 12.

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