UO undergraduate receives prestigious conference travel award

UO undergraduate Ben Blue
UO undergraduate Ben Blue

University of Oregon student Ben Blue was recently awarded an Undergraduate Travel Award from the Genetics Society of America to attend the 20th International C. elegans Meeting.

Blue, a senior biochemistry major, is conducting research that utilizes C. elegans, a nematode, and microfluidic technology designed and developed in his research group’s lab, to measure how various dietary inputs affect life history traits such as reproductive behavior, physiological health and longevity.

Conference attendees learn about cutting-edge research on a diverse array of topics, including physiology, neurobiology, development, evolution, behavior, aging, ecology, gene regulation, genomics and many more.

Blue conducts research under the supervision and mentorship of Patrick Phillips, professor of biology, and Stephen Banse, postdoctoral research associate. Blue will be graduating this June with a degree in biochemistry and will continue conducting research in the Phillips lab over the coming year while applying to graduate programs to study the biology of aging.

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