UOPD collaborates with ASUO Party Registration Program

The University of Oregon Police Department will be the first line of response to help students calm parties and improve neighborhood relations this spring as its part of supporting the new ASUO Party Registration Program.

When assistance is needed, UOPD responders will use their expertise in de-escalating student events and work with participants to celebrate responsibly. It’s all part of the agency mission to ensure the safety and security of students and the campus community.

Under ASUO’s Party Registration Program, students attend a training session covering being a good neighbor, local ordinances and fines, and what to expect when a party is registered. Registered party addresses and contacts are shared weekly with Eugene Police dispatch. If a complaint call is received, dispatch calls the student host with a 20-minute warning to quiet the party down.

If a second complaint is received, UOPD is sent to give an on-scene warning and provide the host any assistance needed in calming or ending the gathering. The collaboration goal is to give students tools to manage events, provide an understanding of the expectations of the community and neighbors, and reduce the need for police response.

“Learning how to celebrate responsibly is part of the college experience for many students,” said Chief Jason Wade. “We want to help and make sure that everyone is safe.”

ASUO worked with UOPD and the Division of Student Life to develop the program. It currently covers the neighborhoods south and west of campus. Area residents received information through their neighborhood association newsletter.

Program success will be assessed following spring term. Contact ASUO at asuoexternal@uoregon.edu for more information.