UO's Cornwell talks Beats, Bose and NFL with Sporting News

Portrait of T. Bettina Cornwell
T. Bettina Cornwell

The National Football League recognizes Bose headphones for sponsorship. But a leading competitor, Beats, slipped past the radar during the NFL's draft, in which the UO's Marcus Mariota was selected second by the Tennessee Titans.

The experts are calling this — three of the top picks were seen on national television wearing Beats — an example of "ambush marketing." The UO's T. Bettina Cornwell was among three leading sports-marketing academic experts sought out by the Sporting News to discuss what happened.

"We are in a new era where most everything is sponsored and this creates haves and have nots," Cornwell wrote in an email to the publication. "Legal and illegal."

The full story is at "Beats used NFL Draft to invade Bose's territory, but did it work?"