UO's Ulrich Mayr talks brain games in online panel discussion

UO psychology professor Ulrich Mayr was part of a panel discussion on brain games
UO psychology professor Ulrich Mayr

Ulrich Mayr, a UO psychology professor and department head, recently discussed how video games affect the brain and the value of so-called “brain games” as part of a panel discussion on the Huffington Post website.

Mayr is an expert on the effects of aging on the brain and said he sees some exciting potential for using specially tailored video games to help fight off cognitive decline. But he cautioned that research is still in an early stage and little evidence exists yet for claims that brain games have any kind of broad effect on the brain.

“We need to test these theories,” he said during the panel discussion. “We haven’t really provided the actual hard tests at this point.”

Mayer was one of more than 70 researchers from six nations who last year signed a statement objecting to claims by the brain-game industry that their products can improve overall brain functioning. Read a story on the issue here.

In the panel discussion, Ulrich repeated his concerns but said further research could ultimately find ways to use video games to aid cognition. To view the video, see “How Do Video Games Affect The Brain” at huffingtonpost.com.

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