Virtual tuition forum for students scheduled for Jan. 11

UO students are invited to a virtual forum on undergraduate tuition and fees on Tuesday, January 11, hosted by the Associated Students of the University of Oregon (ASUO) and the university’s Tuition and Fee Advisory Board.

The virtual forum will begin at 6 p.m. Students need to register online to attend.

The Tuition and Fee Advisory Board (TFAB) is an advisory group made up of faculty, staff and students that convenes every year over several months to provide a recommendation on tuition-setting for new and transfer undergraduate students entering the UO, as well as graduate student tuition and fees and other education costs, for the upcoming academic year.

The advisory board began meeting during fall term to review the university’s budgetary situation and its cost drivers. During winter term, the advisory board will hold five more meetings, all of which are open to the public, where it will work on a specific recommendation on tuition rates and fees. The advisory board ultimately sends its recommendation to UO President Michael H. Schill.

President Schill will also host a forum on tuition for students during winter term. He will present his own recommendation on tuition and fees to the UO Board of Trustees at their March meeting.

Under the UO’s Oregon Guarantee program, tuition rates are already set for all continuing undergraduate students at the university, so the winter term process will be centered on determining tuition and fees for the incoming undergraduate students.

For more information about tuition setting, visit tahe UO's tuition website.