Volunteers needed to greet new Ducks at Unpack the Quack

Unpack the Quack 2016

The annual migration of new Ducks is fast approaching, and the University of Oregon is looking for volunteers to help welcome them as it gears up for the 2017-18 academic year.

Move-In week for residence halls is Sept. 18-22. University Housing is expecting about 4,300 new students to arrive throughout the week, with an estimated 3,000 students landing on campus Thursday, Sept. 21, for Unpack the Quack.

Volunteers are needed to welcome the arrivals and their families and to help carry residents’ belongings to their new homes. Faculty, staff and students who sign up to help receive a T-shirt and a free meal, courtesy of University Housing.

The move-in process will affect traffic around campus, especially for drivers navigating streets near residence halls. Information about unloading zones, changes to traffic patterns, and parking availability can be found on University Housing’s move-in maps.

After students move in, they’ll be kept busy with numerous Week of Welcome events, including an activity night at the Student Recreation Center, a pep rally and a day of service, topped off by convocation on Sunday.

For the full schedule of events and more, see the Week of Welcome website.

By Colleen Schlonga, University Communications