Williams Council selects eight instructional proposals

The Williams Council has selected eight projects for the 2019 Williams instructional proposals. Each of this year’s proposals outlines promising opportunities to broaden, restructure and develop classes and curricula to engage students across disciplines.

This year’s proposals range from developing new curricula and a new major to utilizing visual media to showcase course work and support student learning.

The 2019 Williams instructional proposals selected are:

  • “Arctic Icebergs” by Dave Sutherland, Mark Carey and Casey Shoop.
  • “Dialect and Identity in American Literature: Reading, Speaking, and Listening” by Gordon Sayre and Tyler Kendall.
  • “The Oregon Theater Project: Teaching Students to Research and Document Local Film History” by Michael Aronson and Elizabeth Peterson.
  • “Math, Improv, and the Museum” by Ellen Eischen.
  • “Native American Studies Major Development” by Brian Klopotek.
  • “Fresh Eyes: Bringing Developmental Psychology Tasks into the Classroom” by Kathryn Mills.
  • “Student Produced Educational Videos” by Mark Carrier.
  • “Teaching Through Core Concepts in Human Physiology” by Robin Hopkins, Philip Matern and Jon Runyeon.

Summaries of each of the proposals are available on the Office of the Provost website.

The Williams instructional proposals are selected each year as part of the Tom and Carol Williams Fund for Undergraduate Education. Proposals are reviewed and selected by the Williams Council, which also reviews nomination for and selects the Williams Fellows.

A few of the instructional proposals selected in the past include Wolves: Conversations in Conservation and Controversy, the Sustainable Invention Immersion Week and The Catalyst Journalism Project.

All of this year’s projects will start during the 2019-20 academic year.

—By Jesse Summers, University Communications