You have a email address. You’ve tried to unsubscribe from Around the O. But you’re still getting the emails? Here’s why.

To ensure adherence to UO policy, currently enrolled students and all employees are automatically subscribed to Around the O — the university’s primary source of essential community information. As long as you’re connected to the UO as a current student or employee, this subscription is fixed, and you won’t be able to unsubscribe.

The university must be able to communicate quickly and efficiently with employees and currently enrolled students to conduct official university business.

“Around the O” is the official source for many messages that are important and critical for the campus community to receive:

  • Situations about health and safety risks
  • Information essential to the operation of business and classes
  • Changes in university governance, policy, and practice
  • Information from the president, provost, or other member of university senior leadership

The university established the policy because email is an available and appropriate medium for such communication, and because it’s efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally sustainable.

If you’ve graduated or otherwise left the UO and you’re still receiving Around the O emails…

…you can try these workarounds:

  1. If you have set up email forwarding from your lifetime account to a private email address (such as, try these steps:
  1. Visit
  2. Click on the Manage your Duck ID link
  3. Log in with your Duck ID
  4. Select the Manage E-mail Forward option.
  5. Remove your personal email address (such as your gmail address) from the box and save your change. It may take up to an hour for messages to stop being forwarded.
  1. In your email client such as Gmail or Outlook, mark as Spam or Junk. That should divert future emails to your Junk folder.