Zoom requires update by May 30

Zoom has issued a required upgrade to improve meeting security.

Version 5 of Zoom provides increased protection for meeting data by improving encryption.

After May 30, people with older versions of the Zoom application will be forced to upgrade before they can connect to a class or meeting. To avoid any inconvenience, Information Services recommends planning ahead.

UO staff and faculty members whose computers are managed by IT staff in their unit can expect Zoom to be updated for them.

Students and employees who manage their own computers can update Zoom by opening the application, clicking on their picture (or initials) in the upper right, selecting “Check for Updates,” and installing any updates when prompted.

People who use Zoom through a web browser don't need to upgrade.

On mobile devices, Zoom app updates are often automatic.

For help with Zoom, staff and faculty members should contact IT staff in their respective units, if available, or the Technology Service Desk or they should visit the Zoom support page in the UO Service Portal. Students can contact the Tech Desk or visit the Zoom support page.