UO Experts Respond to COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

In these extraordinary times, our faculty are conducting research and offering advice, solutions, and expertise on the coronavirus—to understand its effect on us, our well-being, and society.


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Studying the link between COVID-19, existing conditions

The question of why COVID-19 disproportionately affects patients with cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity is at the heart of a new study by researchers in the lab of UO biologist John Postlethwait.

Postlethwait’s team is developing new zebrafish animal models in an effort to better understand a mechanism involving a pair of proteins, one of which serves as a receptor for the coronavirus. The mechanism helps explain an “inflammatory storm” that can occur in coronavirus patients with preexisting conditions and ultimately make them more likely to die of the illness.

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Tim Duy

Lundquist College of Business
Federal Reserve, Currency, Markets, Unemployment

Ellen Peters

School of Journalism and Communication
Science Communication, Judgment and Decision-Making, Numeracy

Kevin Van Den Wymelenberg

School of Architecture & Environment
Sustainable Design, Energy Efficiency, Architecture

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UO Experts in the News This Week

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Architect Magazine
Cites platform from the University of Oregon College of Design Institute for Health in the Built Environment.
Free Times
Cites research by Paul Slovic, professor of psychology at the University of Oregon.
The RAPID-EC project is under the direction of professor of psychology Phil Fisher at the University of Oregon.
Charlotte Business Journal
Whitney Wagoner, director of the Warsaw Sports Marketing Center at the University of Oregon Lundquist College of Business, provides expert commentary.
New York Times
The RAPID-EC project is under the direction of professor Phil Fisher in the department of psychology. Project also featured in Spotlight on Poverty and Opportunity.
The Conversation
Co-author Erin Hanna is assistant professor of cinema studies at the University of Oregon.
The Oregonian
Audrey Lucero, associate professor of education studies at the University of Oregon College of Education, provides expert commentary. Picked up by The Bulletin.
Telegraph Herald
Anne Brown, assistant professor of planning, public policy and management at the University of Oregon School of Design, provides expert commentary.

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information and Updates

The University of Oregon has a large team working around-the-clock to respond to the situation and we will communicate information as soon as it becomes available.