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Illustration with gavel and faces
July 7

Verdicts make history, but courts alone don’t transform society

Cases like Derek Chauvin's murder conviction don't often speed reform, law prof says
Pride parade
June 10

Are companies that support Pride, social causes 'wokewashing'?

SOJC prof writes that corporate adventures into social issues aren’t always well thought out
A visualization of daily life around Angkor Wat
May 18

New research shows how many people lived in the Angkor Empire

Over time, a metropolis of more than 700,000 arose in the medieval Cambodian jungle
A pro-trans rally in Alabama
May 17

Anti-transgender bills are latest effort to rally conservative base

UO prof says a record number of such policy reforms have been introduced this year
Woman looking a chalkboard with math equations
May 13

Celebrating Marion Walter, and other female mathematicians

Former UO prof Marion Walter, who died May 9, was a leader in teaching math to kids
Airport scene
May 5

Here are 4 tips to help you figure out tricky pandemic stats

The UO's Ellen Peters offers tips to keep you from tripping up on the swirl of numbers
Waiter taking orders
April 29

How dining out has evolved over 200 years, and is still at it

Historian Hannah Cutting-Jones explores how eating out has changed with the times
Vaccination clinic
April 21

Mandates aren't the only way to get employees vaccinated

Law professor Liz Tippett says employers may find it easier to use incentives
A woman visits Whitney Museum of American Art
March 15

Pandemic aid helped nonprofits, but many are still struggling

Almost half had to scale back their work and cut staff because of inadequate funding
Kids in treehouse
February 25

Audio chatrooms tap into age-old appeal of the human voice

Clubhouse has become the hot new platform by being different from other social media