In The News

Abortion protesters
July 21

Companies have simple way to aid workers in anti-abortion states

Expanding paid time off is a legal way to help employees gain access to the procedure
Transgender rights rally
March 14

Anti-transgender agendas part of a long effort by conservatives

The strategy being used by Indiana, Iowa and Texas is meant to rally the base, prof writes 
Man throwing money in air
January 21

Good at math? Then money may influence your satisfaction

People better with numbers had the highest life satisfaction when they had high incomes
ShakeAlert app on cellphone
January 20

ShakeAlert warnings can give people time, but few have done so

The app can save lives, but only if people know what to do when alerted, and then do it
Children studying at table
December 1

Small-group learning can counter school closures, if done right

Supportive peer relationships can have wide-ranging positive effects, prof writes
Smartphone texting the word 'lies'
November 17

Are people lying more with social media and smartphones?

UO professor says more lies happen on the phone, but the amount of lying overall is low
Person with rainbow flag
November 5

Small-town Pride celebrations show LGBTQ life outside cities

Pride celebrations in rural areas are becoming much more common, despite resistance
Abortion rally in Texas
October 29

The erosion of Roe v. Wade didn’t begin in Texas or Missouri

A 1992 Supreme Court case originating in Pennsylvania started the slide, UO prof writes
Woman drinking protein shake
October 22

Decades of hype turned protein into a multibillion-dollar industry

The fanfare comes in spite of the fact that most Americans get twice as much as they need
Mother and daughter sitting on bed
October 12

To support the health of kids, stop focusing on their weight

Health research and initiatives often place a disproportionate emphasis on body mass