Academics and Research

Robert Guldberg
November 13

Innovative cell therapy research boosted by state funds

Led by Robert Guldberg, the project could boost Oregon's burgeoning cell manufacturing market
UO physicist John Toner works on an equation
November 12

A short equation delivers a big award for a UO physicist

With a UO job offer waiting, John Toner helped lay the foundation for research on active matter
Shrinking glacier with markers
November 11

Climate emergency declaration draws eight UO signatures

New paper is a chance to speak up, promote change and rebuild trust, UO researchers say
Laser pointer
November 11

Pine Mountain Observatory: Revealing a universe of wonders

Among other projects, students captured data to make a 3D model of an asteroid, Minerva
Palmer Station Antarctica
November 8

Pub talk will explore links between icefish and human aging

Five trips to Antarctica opened a window for John Postlethwait on how icefish adapted
David Sokoloff with secondary teachers in Indonesia
November 4

UO prof recognized for his physics education research

American Association of Physics Teachers honors David Sokoloff with the 2020 Oersted Medal
Soccer players at the net
October 31

New study looks at how athletes 'psych out' opponents

Psychology researchers find players use unpredictability to outfox other players
Professor and student in lab
October 30

Undergrads experience life in the lab in Knight Campus program

The Undergraduate Scholars Program pairs promising young scientists with mentors in UO labs
Anthropology student Violet Fox
October 29

A UO student helps the homeless using anthropology

A UO student volunteered at the Eugene Mission for eight months to learn about homeless women
Man sick in bed
October 28

Researchers suggest that the feeling of being ill is an emotion

Visible and internal signs of being sick may serve a purpose, say UO anthropologists