Academics and Research

May 5
At the UO, Itzel Chávez Gómez was inspired by courses, community and mentorship
May 1
The site explores a genre called shidaiqu that was trendy in the 1930s and 40s
May 1
High-tech microscopy provides a new view on the dynamics of how cells divide
April 26
A review by College of Education researchers shows interventions can help
April 24
Students interested in the master's program have until May 15 to apply for fall term
April 24
The study finds they could be a good model for probing the endocannabinoid system
April 21
A team spent three weekends at the coast identifying fossils from the Astoria Formation
April 17
Natural hazards monitoring will help keep Oregonians safe and advance research
April 17
The Ecological Society of America recognized biology professor Lauren Ponisio
April 14
Their latest results open a new window into the study of fundamental particles