Academics and Research

Collage of research activities
May 10

The UO's inaugural Week of Research will kick off May 24

Five-day event highlights research, creativity and entrepreneurship across campus
Caribou migration seen from above
May 7

UO geographers map out new conservation opportunities

Maps by the InfoGraphics Lab are key to international efforts to save migrating herds
Mobile phone base station near coast
May 6

UO project finds communications risks in a Cascadia quake

Undergraduate-led effort develops ShakeNet to address internet and wireless threats
Entrance to Makpan cave in Indonesia
May 4

Modern humans not to blame for island extinctions, study finds

UO archaeologist and an international team say evidence doesn’t support a long-held theory
Illustration of people wearing masks
May 3

Twitter opposition to face masks amplified by media, study finds

UO linguists unmask strong support for covering up and what drove polarized social media
Collage of research activities
May 3

The 2021 Faculty Research Awards go to 12 UO scholars

Researchers and scholars from a range of disciplines receive support funding
April 30

Study: Pushing chicken and fish doesn't cut into beef

UO sociologist Richard York finds new meat sources simply drive additional consumption
A weedy seadragon being scanned
April 29

Research project examines male pregnancy and microbes in fish

The Cresko Lab project focuses on the evolution of novel traits in seahorses and other fish
Panel from a comic on biology in space
April 28

UO's science comics program is nothing to laugh about

The first-in-the-nation comics studies minor brings complex ideas to life via illustrations
Mark Carey on a recent trip to Greenland
April 27

Glacier Lab provides a launch pad for research, future careers

The Glacier Lab studies the societal impacts of glaciers, icebergs and snow worldwide