Academics and Research

Stock market monitor
December 6

Study: Supporting both parties can help companies reduce risk

UO-led project explored public sector contributions to see the effects of political hedging
Three Knight Campus researchers
December 3

Knight Campus trio uses science and engineering to aid health

Three researchers have landed almost $5 million in NIH grants to find new tools for healing
Illustration of gravity wave ripples
December 1

New research effort shines more light on black hole collisions

UO scientists are on a team using gravitational waves to better understand the universe
Saber-tooth bones
November 30

Grad student finds a new saber-toothed species, in a museum

The finding prompts a re-thinking of how such animals evolved over millions of years
Marta Clifford and actors on stage
November 29

A theater collaboration brings Native voices to the UO stage

The UO's Theresa May and tribal elder Marta Clifford bring tribal perspectives to the stage
Sarah Cooley in Alaska
November 24

NASA grants will help scientists track effects of melting ice

Sarah Cooley and Johnny Ryan are using new technology to study climate change
Villarica volcano
November 22

UO volcanologist to study magma behavior using NSF grants

Meredith Townsend is researching how ice and mountains affect the movement of magma
Crown and sword on table lit by candle
November 17

Historian's new project takes a deeper look at queenly slander

Martha Bayless explores the roots of how society talks about women in power
Hermiston City Hall
November 12

UO's Sustainable City Year program heads east to Hermiston

Students and faculty members will help the city address growth, community planning
Woman at desk using TaskShade
November 10

Even in a flat economy, the UO continues to spin off innovation

Last year saw 14 new patent filings and two new companies spun from faculty work